It is clear to most that much of global economies and lifestyles are based on non-sustainable practices and habits. We simply consume too much, waste too much, and use up resources much too inefficiently. While the industrial revolution and subsequent technological advances have given us lives of plenty, comfort and longevity, it is now necessary to embrace another revolution to bring in a new era of sustainability.

The most exciting aspect of a new greener industrial revolution is that it is not only achievable in terms of currently available technologies, it will bring new technologies and innovation, and will result (even in the short term) in minor, if any, economic and social changes. More than that, a greener, more sustainable world will also provide economic development and employment opportunities for future generations, much like the industrial and electronic revolutions did over the past century.

What if it were all within our reach to become more sustainable, while we provide opportunities for a better life for generations to come.

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