Arek is an international expert on climate change, greenhouse gas accounting and abatement, and has extensive experience in resource efficiency, waste minimisation, and sustainable development. He has spent the vast majority of his adult life working as an engineer/consultant in the fields of environmental management, resource efficiency and climate change. His work has taken him inside many small and large manufacturers, processing plants, mines, service organisations and government and non-government agencies.

Since 2005, he has been the only Australian on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) roster of experts supporting the clean development mechanism (CDM) Methodology Panel and the Accreditation Panel providing advice on new methodologies and projects submitted for registration and validation/verification under the Kyoto Protocol. In 2008, Arek also became a member of the prestigious Joint Implementation Accreditation Panel.

Arek is the Managing Director of Enproc which provides consulting services in:
• climate change risk assessment and adaptation
• resource efficiency and waste minimisation
• development of strategies, project evaluation and implementation
• greenhouse gas reporting and abatement
• landfill gas modelling and power generation
• sustainable development.

Arek has also worked at a senior level in research (CSIRO); in government energy policy development and implementation; and in the waste management and resource efficiency sectors.

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